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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Ivany Wright Shot (Video Inside)

Social Media most wanted Ivany Wright was shot and injured earlier today. 

The “entertainer” was shot closed to Mega Mart. According to source, she received multiple shots, 1 in her hand, 1 in her back & 1 in her hip. 

Ivany as been in the media multiple times within the last few months for hacking into multiple entertainers account. This week she was accused of hacking into two other social media influencers account. One she denied and the other she admitted to. 

Videos have been circulating through social media of Ivany being places in a vehicle for transportation to a unknown hospital. Her condition isn’t know at the moment. 

Update: Ivany Wright was released from the Kingston Public Hospital after being shot 3 times yesterday while on Waterloo Road in St. Andrew. The 21-year old was on her way to purchase food when a car drove up and started shooting in their direction.  

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