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Friday, March 20, 2020

Ivany Wright Involved In Child Pornography

Social media sensation Ivany Wright is in the media again for all the wrong reason. 

Since the beginning of the week she took it up on herself and went into her current boy friend Neil phone and send herself explicit videos and photos of his ex girlfriend to her phone. 

She’s been using the videos and photos to terrorize the 17 year old by posting them online. 

As of March 20, 2020, she created a fake page and started uploading the young lady videos. One of the videos is dated 2018, a clear indication that the young lady was 15+ at the time the video was recorded. 

So far the young lady hasn’t respond and neither the current boyfriend of Ivany. 

Ivany denied being the one behind the page even though she’s been promoting the page and threatening to upload and send the videos to anyone who dm her. 

If you recall, Ivany was shot multiple times last November because of her social media antics in which she promised to change her behavior. 

I will not post the video. Attached are photos of her promoting the fake page. 

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