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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Dwayne Rollie Exposed (Explicit Video)

Dwayne Rollie was exposed by his ex-girlfriend Tiffany. Below is what the ex-girlfriend have to say.

I told him I would expose him if he didn’t take the song down by 12 noon today and he didn’t even take down the damn fucking stupid song plus how could he really call me a STALKER 👀 all I want to do is love u. U blocked me on all of your pages I can’t even message or tag u but now u leave me no choice but to let everyone hear what took place between us on the Saturday 26th of October 2019 how could u disrespect me like this making a mockery out of what we shared. I recorded us only to go over the sweet love 💕 we were having in that hotel room I turned on my video camera and put the phone in my bag before u came out of the bathroom and then I starting to play with myself when I heard u coming back in the room u are a wicked to treat me like this Dwāyne Rollie Fresh fucking Newby. I know someone is turning u away from me but it just won’t work because the love we share is too strong for anyone to come between us. U think I just go around and open my legs for anyone nooooo I did it for u and thats y u loved it so much because I was like a Virgin for u plus even when my mouth and throat was killing me I didn’t stop u had to stop me I was doing all of that for our future and now u think u can just ignore me like I am invisible no no no no Rollie Fresh that’s now how it works with Tiffany good throat. I am sorry for this Dwāyne but U hurt me and not it’s time for u to feel pain.

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